• Reviewed by: surfsiderxyz  on: 2020/10/21 12:47:30
    Moved here in 2005 found this great restaurant and have moved since but still return at least once a month; You cant beat it, So much to choose from, always fresh and the servers clean your table faster than you can dirty them.
  • Reviewed by: moparsonly426  on: 2019/2/7 16:25:48
    I love this place. Great food, Great service. Everyone is very happy on the staff. That is refreshing since I use to go to the one on 38th ave.N.They always were mean sour puss faces. This place rocks. My wife dosen't really like Chinese food and she loved it. Will be going back. By the way the place is immaculate.
  • Reviewed by: flinchummiranda3311993  on: 2019/11/19 8:41:51
    New china is my favorite chinese, and regularly eat at least once a week, every week.do you offer anything special for birthdays?
  • Reviewed by: gwen.williams  on: 2019/10/17 14:45:24
    we had stopped going to this restaurant 2 years ago... the food was not great and the bathrooms were dirty, which in my mind made the kitchens dirty too. HOWEVER we went there 2 days ago and the place has had a transformation. The place is clean been redecorated and the food was absolutely great. We recomment this restaurant for a great buffet of great food.
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